Family medicine

The family doctor takes care of the health of you and your family members from birth, so it's important to choose an experienced and attentive specialist. Not only will it help with health problems, but it will also quickly address other issues:

  • advise on healthy lifestyles, vaccines, prevention of various diseases;
  • will regularly carry out important health examinations and take the necessary certificates (for example, to obtain a driving license, preventive health check of pupils);
  • upon arrival for various health disorders - will carry out diagnostics of diseases and form an individual examination and treatment plan;
  • will carry out a temporary disability examination and issue a certificate of incapacity for work;
  • write recipes;
  • if necessary, direct urgent consultations to specialists;
  • will help with childcare issues: make a vaccination calendar, monitor growth and development.

Prices for family medicine services

1 Family doctor consultation (Monday-Friday) 70 €
2 Family doctor consultation (Saturday-Sunday) 90 €
3 Follow-up visit to family doctor (Monday-Friday) 50 €
4 Follow-up visit to family doctor (Saturday-Sunday)70 70 €
5 Urgent family doctor consultation 120 €
6 Electrocardiogram in the procedure room 25€ 
7 Muscle injection in the procedure room (drugs price not included) 7 €
8 IV in the procedure room up to 1 hour (drugs price not included) 45 €
9 Additional 1 hour for IV procedure in the procedure room 15 €