n experienced physician radiologist with latest premium ultrasonic diagnostic system which uses the most advanced technology, will explore and evaluate the various internal organs (liver, gall bladder and bile ducts, pancreas, kidney, spleen), thyroid, lymphatic system and other condition and pathological changes.

Clinical ultrasound control involves a variety of intervention procedures:

  • puncture of the thyroid nodules and pathological focus for cytological examination;
  • biopsy of liver and pathological focus biopsy for ultrasound histological examination.

Specialists will check gynecological, urological, cardiological and other systems with a high-end ultrasonic machine.

Prices for ultrasound tests

1 Med. D. ultrasound examination of internal organs 70 €
2 Med. D. sonography of one organ 50 €
3 Ultrasound examination of internal organs 60 €
4 Sonography of one organ 40 €