Saulė Juozaitienė

Education, acquired specialty

1986 Vilnius University, the Faculty of Medicine, medical doctor qualification acquired. 

2005 Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences, master degree in sociology acquired. 

Work experience

1986-1991 doctor therapist at Vilnius 1st soviet policlinic and hospital. 

1991-1995 doctor cardiologist at Vilnius Lazdynų policlinic. 

1995-1998 doctor of clinical physiology at Vilnius University Antakalnio hospital. 

1998-2004 doctor cardiologist at Vilnius University Hospital of Infectious Diseases. 

2004-2007 doctor cardiologist at Vilnius Center University Hospital. 

2007-2009 doctor cardiologist at Vilnius Center policlinic. 

Since 2009 doctor cardiologist at Vilnius Antakalnio policlinic. 

Since 2019 doctor cardiologist at JSC Tavo Klinika. 

Practice licenses, certificates

MPL-11967 cardiologist license. 

Qualification Improvement

I am constantly interested in innovation in medical science. I participate in Lithuanian and foreign conferences and improve my professional skills. 

Internships - USA, Austria.

I provide veloergometry test, Holter monitor, echocardiography test. 

Membership in professional, public organizations

Member of Lithuanian Heart Association from 2000.

Member of Lithuanian Society of General Practitioners. 2002-2006 board member of society. 

Since 2018 member of American Academy of Family Physicians. 


Professional Doctor! Thank you very much for your help! Thanks that there are such wonderful doctors in Lithuania! 
I recommend visit to this doctor. She is amazing specialist! 
She is one of the best doctors in Lithuania. 
She is wonderful doctor, competent and responsible, human etc. It was pleasure to communicate with her. 
The sincerity of this doctor just amazed me. She checked my father's heart very professionally. She called a brigade that took him to the hospital and finally saved his life.
She is very attentive doctor, pleasant and professional. She told me everything I wanted to know, advised me how to deal with panic attacks and registered me to necessary doctors herself. 
She is excellent professional who is able to communicate with understanding, is empathetic, quick in responding to situation and decision making. 
She is very attentive and caring doctor. She was interesting in my health condition after operation, while I was in the intensive care unit. She chose medicine very well, supported me morally, consulted me not only during my visit, but also by phone after her working hours. I am very grateful to her. I wish there were more doctors like her! 
She is great doctor. She answered all my questions. She clearly explained how to behave during and after the treatment.
She is professional and careful. She cares about the patient. Bravo! 
She is professional, discreet, deep minded, thoughtful and patient. It’s not scary to trust your heart to such a doctor.