Rūta Liutkevičienė

Education, acquired specialty

2010 Vilnius University, the Faculty of Medicine, medical doctor qualification acquired.

2016 Vilnius University, the Faculty of Medicine, doctor obstetrician-gynecologist qualification acquired.

Work experience

Since 2016 obstetrician-gynecologist at Molėtai Maternity Hospital, Birthing center.

Since 2016 obstetrician-gynecologist at Vilnius Maternity Hospital, Birthing center.

Practice licenses, certificates

MPL – 21283 doctor obstetrician-gynecologist license, 2016.

Qualification Improvement

Participation in biomedical researches 

2014-2015 biomedical research “Evaluation of The Density of Nerve Fibers in the Mucous Membrane of the Uterus for Women with Endometriosis and Without Endometriosis.” (author of the idea, research contractor and executor - Rūta Liutkevičienė).


2009 the medical study program thesis “Care of HIV Infected Women During Pregnancy and Delivery in Lithuania “. All cards of HIV-positive women registered at ULAC 2002-2008 was analyzed; 

2010 the article “Prevention of Mother-To-Child Transmission of HIV in Lithuania 2002-2008“, published in magazine Lithuanian Obstetrics and Gynecology (March 2010, Vol. XIII, No. 1);

2012 the study “Women Self-satisfaction, Sexual Life and Fears During Pregnancy“ presented at an international conference;

2013 the article Density Of Nerve Fibers In Eutopic Endometrium In Women With Endometriosis “, published in the Central European Journal of Medicine (2013, 141-145);

2019 the article “Endometrial Biopsy and Density of Nerve Fibres in Eutopic Endometrium. Looking For Easier Ways To Diagnose Endometriosis” for journal „Gynecological Endocrinology“. (Currently is awaiting publication approval)


Since 2011 series of three lectures "The Miracle of Birth" for future mothers and fathers was created and still they are delivered at the Vilnius Maternity Hospital; 

Since 2015 founder of the website www.nestukes.lt. The information on this web site provides with useful information on pregnancy planning, pregnancy and childbirth and postpartum;

Since 2017 series of three lectures "The Miracle of Birth" is filmed and video is placed on the website www.nestukes.lt. Also, from 2017 videos from the aforementioned lectures are translated into sign language;

Since 2017 Youth Health Center at the Vilnius Maternity Hospital was established. Free lectures for young people in Lithuania are given on a topic of their choice at a convenient time;

2016-2018 the project "Pregnant Solo Latino" was created and ran in which pregnant women were trained to move in the rhythm of dance, correct posture and correct breathing.


1995 Vilnius City young readers competition prize winner;

1988-1999 multiple prize winner and champion in Lithuanian and international dance sport competition;

1999 Lithuanian Youth Latin dance championship (1stplace); 

1999 World Youth Latin dance championship (10th place);

2001 National Contest for Young Scientists, II-degree diploma for the project in the field of chemistry;

2006 58thVU MF SMD Conference. Theme of presentation “How Hormonal Contraceptives influences a Young Woman's Daily and Sexual Life”. Obstetrics and Gynecology Division –  2ndplace;

2006 17thEuropean Student Conference in Berlin. Theme of presentation “How Hormonal Contraceptives influences a Young Woman's Daily and Sexual Life”.

2010 62thVU MF SMD Conference. Theme of presentation “Care of HIV infected women during pregnancy and delivery in Lithuania “Obstetrics and Gynecology Division –  2ndplace, plenary meeting – 15th place. 

2010 5th Baltic Sea Region Conference in Medical Science. Theme of presentation “Care of HIV infected women during pregnancy and delivery in Lithuania “–  2ndplace.