Frequently Asked Questions

How much provided services and tests cost?

The basic service price list is available here. You can find out the tests prices at the clinic or by calling us +370 684 40839 or +370 601 22649.

How do I find out test results if doctor has not appointed another visit?

Tests results will be sent you by e-mail you provided. We inform you that, in accordance with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation, the tests results will be sent in a secure / "locked" document.

What kind of tests are performed in your clinic?

You can find list of tests available in Tavo Klinika here. For more information, please call us +370 684 40839 or +370 601 22649.

Do you have an agreement with National Health Insurance Fund?

No, Tavo Klinika doesn’t have an agreement with National Health Insurance Fund. The state does not finance the services provided by the clinic. It is paid by the patients or their health insurance company.

Do doctors in clinic referral patients to specialists?

If necessary, doctors in Tavo klinika can referral patients to other specialists for free advice in the case the doctor to whom the referral is made is providing free consultation. Tavo klinika has signed the contract with JSC Affidea Lietuva, so our patients receive an urgent referral to perform magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography or X-ray examination - they are received within 24 hours. Patients must pay for these tests themselves.

Do doctors in the clinic use electronic prescription system?

No, at the moment doctors in Tavo klinika can write paper prescriptions only.

How can I pay for the services provided in the clinic?

For medical services provided in the clinic you can pay in cash, payment cards, by bank transfer and submitting a health insurance document.

What health insurance companies do you co-operate with?

Tavo klinika has concluded cooperation agreements with Lithuanian and foreign insurance companies. You can find their full list here.

What documents should I have on my first visit to Tavo klinika?

For the new patient first visit to Tavo Klinika just identificaty document will be enough.

Do doctors from Tavo klinika visit patient in their home?

Yes, doctors from Tavo klinika can visit patients in their home. In such cases, prices for medical services are shown here.

Can you advise on the patient's condition by phone?

No, doctor must examine the patient, so he/she has to come to the clinic or doctor must be invited home. The description of situation doesn’t provide sufficient information to the specialist enable to make an accurate diagnosis and to appoint necessary tests or treatment.

I got up in the morning and I feel bad - I can't go to work. Is there a chance to get a doctor at your clinic today?

Yes, we will accept you as soon as possible. Register for your visit online or call to the clinic by phone +370 684 40839, +370 601 22649.

Is it possible to visit doctors specialists (for example, gynecologist, neurologist or urologist) any day?

Doctors specialists work only on certain days with a changing schedule. You will receive accurate information about the desired date and time by registering online or calling to Tavo klinika by phone +370 684 40839, +370 601 22649.

Do I need extracts from other medical institutions when coming to Tavo klinika?

If patient first applies for an acute illness, then no extracts are required. In cases when patient is suffering from serious chronic diseases (for example chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes), or he has recently had a major operation (for example heart), it is necessary to have already performed tests results and other medical records. If patient is applying for a previously diagnosed and treated chronic disease, medical extracts of previous tests and status changes are important, but not necessary. If patient applies for a second medical opinion on the health condition, it is important to have a document, diagnosis, etc., pointing to the first opinion.

Do you issue a child health certificate required for pre-school or school institution?

Yes, family doctors carefully carry out preventive health checks for small and young patients and issue the certificate requested by educational institutions.

Do Tavo klinika carry out a medical check-up for the issue or validity of the driving license?  

Yes. Patient, who is coming for such check-up must give certificates from Centre for addictive disorders, Mental Health Center in the clinic, where patient is registered and extract from an ophthalmologist.

Does the clinic have space for parking?

There is reserved parking space for clinic patients. After parking your car in the reserved for clinic space, please inform the administrator. She will give you a parking permit that should be put and clearly displayed in your vehicle.  After the visit to clinic is done, the permit must be returned to the clinic administrator. Otherwise, we recommend you to park your car in the yellow zone of Polocko street. Clinic location and parking options you can also see here.